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With hundreds of games ready to go on Xbox, it's easy to pass by some of the most exciting experiences waiting to be played. Discover some of the deep mysteries, intense action, and fierce competition you may have missed in these under-appreciated treasures now!

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The secrets of a doomed solar systems

The space program of Timber Hearth is taking off for the Outer Wilds. With several successful expeditions underway, you are the latest cosmonaut to leave your planet in search of greater answers. And there are some world-shattering truths waiting for you in the deepest reaches of your solar system. Can you solve what may be the grandest mystery of the entire universe?

Suit up and save us all

Grasp at shards of a shattered world

Among the tattered remains of humanity's downfall, defeated warriors lie soulless and abandoned. Each warrior's Mortal Shell is another opportunity for you to grow stronger and thrive in these lands of desolation and desperation. Take up arms and prepare to strike in this strategic action-RPG!

Test your sanity

Unravel Ori's true destiny

Embark on an emotional journey as you navigate untold dangers and discover Ori's mysterious fate in Ori and the Will of the Wisps. Backed by the bonds of friendship, Ori must bring peace to the Spirit Tree and the endangered souls who surround it.

Return to serenity

Big challenges. Small Solutions.

Enter a world where one small step for man is one giant leap for you and Tinykin kind. Earth may seem abandoned, but there are hundreds of tinykin in hiding ready to help you unravel the massive mysteries around you. Journey through insect cities, solve puzzles, and find a way back to your home planet!

Scall up your strength

Doomed to duty

Reaping the souls of the dead may not be the most glamorous gig, but a job's a job. When the bureaucracy of the underworld starts to break down and a soul is stolen, you must begin your journey to open Death's Door as you walk along the precarious line between the living and the dead.

Scall up your strength

Holy stuff's

One human's trash is… every raccoon's treasure. Enter Donut Countyas BK the raccoon, one of the night's most notorious outlaws, and use your remote-controlled hole to bandit all the precious trash from the unsuspecting residents.

Ditch the rubbish


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